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in Sanluri, a sparkling town between the city of Cagliari and Oristano, land for sale with a building area of 474 square meters in a residential area (you can build up to 6/8 large apartments + pool to rent to tourists or locally).

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About Sanluri

It is one of the most important town in the new province of Medio Campidano (of which it could become the capital), which, in 2005, has obtained the political-administrative autonomy from the public corporation hosted in Cagliari. It owes its notoriety especially to the medieval castle, which was built by the Pisans and refurbished in the current shape by Pietro IV from Aragona in 1355: the Spanish king considered Sanluri “Puerta principal del Regnum Sardinuae et Corsicae” (main door of the kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica).

Some structures of the castle and parts of walls were completed in less than a month: men and women worked without pause, day and night, while 300 horse soldiers assured the patrol. It became the post to defend the Capo del Càller (Cagliari and the surrounding territory) from the attacks of the Giudicato d' Arborea, which was ruled by Mariano IV, who occupied the castle in 1365 (see the Battle of Sanluri).

Only afterwards he decided to extend the borders and to absorb the existing village and, in 1436, it became the feudal seat of the Viscount of Sanluri. With the abolition of the fees, wanted by the king Carlo Alberto of Savoia (1839), the castle knew a period of total dereliction, but in 1927 the count Nino Saint Villa gave an important impulse to the rebirth of the fortress by transformed it in the Museo Risorgimentale “Duca d’Aosta” , that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

After the father’s death (1960) the sons Emanuele Filiberto and Alberto Villa continued the relaunching process creating the Museum of the Ceroplastiche and other very interesting collections from the historical and cultural point of view. The Sanluri Caste is the only intact castle in Sardinia: in the time of the Giudicati the castles scattered all over the island were 88.

Battle of Sanluri

The Battle of Sanluri was fought on June 30, 1409 between the armies of the Giudicato of Arborea (a kingdom in Sardinia) and the Catalan-Sicilian army of King Martin I of Sicily.

The location was the fortified village of Sanluri. The Arborean army was led by giudice William III of Narbonne, and Martin commanded in person the Aragonese army. The Sardinian army was composed mostly of mercenaries, including the renowned Genoese crossbowmen and other units from France and northern Italy.

There are few details about the battle. The Aragonese were less numerous though better trained, and managed to divide the Arborean army in two parts which were then destroyed separately. A contingent under William survived taking refuge in the castle of Monreale, in the near village of Sardara. Other Sardinian troops were captured in Sanluri and much of the population was slaughtered.

Martin died a few days later in Cagliari, allegedly by malaria transmitted him by a Sanlurese mistress. The battle was not conclusive, but opened the way to the easy Catalan conquest of the giudicato of Arborea, which fell the following year.

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